Whether you want to perform better in sports or in business, you need to know how to reach your highest potential in order to perfect your performance.

At the Svein Torp Clinic, we believe that complete focus is crucial on the road to success - both physically and mentally. You must have clear-cut goals when it comes to what you eat and how you exercise but most importantly when it comes to your own mental state. It is crucial to not only be able to recognize that optimal state but also to understand how to excel when under pressure to perform.

Together we tailor a program that enables you to enhance control over your performance outcomes, eventually leading to you accomplishing your most sought after goals.


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Sverre Tyrhaug
Emilio Pettersen
Johan Michelsen - Business Professional
Petter Northug - Olympic Champion, Cross-Country Skiing
Kjetil Wold - Creative Director, ANTI
Andre Villa - Professional FMX practitioner
Gina Kallevik - Master Student in Political Science
Karl-Willie Hoel - Engineer
Jokke Sommer - Professional Wingsuit Flyer
Terje Håkonsen - Snowboard Legend
Karina Hollekim - Professional BASE Jumper & Skier
Ane Enderud
Martin Christensen
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Performance Enhancement

Target your efforts on the development of skills that are shown to improve results. Our programs suit businesses, executives, athletes and ambitious individuals looking to progress in their careers.

Performance Optimization

Preparation is concentrated towards a specific task, performance or deadline. The program is for those wishing to optimize their performance outcomes leading up to important meetings, closing sales, presentations or competitions.

Performance Consulting

Performance consulting is a process that focuses on developing and implementing a trajectory to help you achieve your given goal. We work with you to set out your objectives, build a timeline and execution strategy as well as help you deliver. Performance consulting is meant for companies, executives, athletes and ambitious individuals looking to progress in their career. We also work with individuals wanting to get help on personal development and / or want to make changes in their lives and need guidance to do so.

SDB for Business Professionals

In short, one can categorize doing business into three different phases:

1. Preparation
2. Action
3. Evaluation

To succeed in business it is essential to stay focused through all crucial phases, while having the energy to change focus quickly to upcoming matters that need your attention. At the Svein Torp Clinic, we believe that creating the ability to remain focused is the key to success. SDB allows you to do just that.


"SDB has helped me to stay focused and perform better as a leader. It has given me increased capacity and concentration, which is essential if I am to achieve the goals set out in front of our company."

Kjetil Wold
Founding Partner & Creative Director Anti Inc. 

Read more about ANTI

SDB for Athletes

SDB for Athletes

The ability to visualize success, maintain self-confidence and positivity are all key skills athletes need in order to perform their best. SDB is a technique we use to help athletes to focus on the task at hand leading to faster development, progress and success.

"Focus is the key to success!"

Terje Haakonsen
Snowboard Legend


Bridge the gap between your mind and body

Your mental health has a large impact on how your body works. For example, when you lack focus or are distracted it is hard to perform at your best. We are dedicated to help you concentrate while exercising enabling you to progress efficiently and effectively, something that is absolutely essential for anyone striving to perform at a high level.

Due to our belief that the ability to focus determines the effectiveness of training, we help you to improve the connection between your body and mind so that you are able to take advantage of your training time.

Our training programs are built around each individual’s goals. We tailor a program that enables you to get the maximum out of your efforts.

Physical activity can do wonders

With correct excercise and good guidance, the Svein Torp Clinic has helped me achieve a better physical and mental state.

André Villa

Motocross Champion


The SDB method was developed by Svein Torp and has three primary focus areas:  

Performance enhancement, stress relieving and the treatment of stress related ailments.  

Performance Enhancing. The SDB treatment will transport you into a focused, goal-oriented state of mind. This mental state is an essential component to having clearly defined goals and preparing yourself thoroughly on your road to success. The key to perfecting performance is being able to focus on the task at hand while blocking out other distractions.  

This innovative, holistic treatment has been successfully implemented with some of the world’s best athletes and business professionals. 

Stress Relief is about finding inner balance when everything feels chaotic. Our unique technique enables you to calm down when most needed.  

Stress related conditions. Stress is often the cause of a lot of physical injuries. SDB is a versatile tool that treats the types of stress reactions that lead you to have injuries.

Symptoms of stress related conditions can be: lack of sleep, low energy level, muscle and joint pain, restlessness, soreness, headaches, ulcers, difficulty with concentration, dizziness, anxiety, depression and burnout. 

Physical Treatment

Muscular Perfection

For the last 10 years, we have been developing a unique method that takes muscle therapy to a new level. 

The way your muscles function is one of the most important factors when it comes to performance, recuperation and injury.

Our knowledge and effective manual stimulations creates a foundation for results. 


Chiropractic Treatment

The nervous system controls and monitors all of the body’s functions. With your spine and skull lying so close to the nervous system, it is important that any tensions in your spine or around the tissue in your brain are relaxed, otherwise it will effect how your nervous system is functioning. We believe a fully functioning nervous system is essential for mental and physical performance.  

Our chiropractors work to reduce tension, so your body can function and perform optimally. Combined with muscular therapy, our SDB method and regulated diet, we offer a comprehensive treatment that ensures your body is able to perform at its best.

Muscular perfection enables me to train better and harder

Petter Northug
Olympic Champion, Cross-Country 

Nutrition Consulting

Optimizing your Diet

Our nutritionists provide you with guidance tailored to your needs.

Sara Chacko is often referred to as Norway’s Superfood Queen and her nutritional philosophies have built the platform for all our nutritionists. We achieve fast and efficient results by combining wholesome produce and superfoods, both with high nutritional value and detoxifying enzymes.

This combination optimizes your diet and takes your body to new heights. After working with our nutritionists you will recover faster and experience full-body balance and clarity, both physically and mentally.


In order to feel energetic, you need to feed your body with the fuel it needs. We will help you realize a holistic diet by adapting your daily consumption to focus on the right types of food while avoiding foods that are draining on your system. Our goal is to incorporate foods into your diet that strengthen and stimulate the body, allowing you to focus on what’s important in life.


To achieve your optimal body state, it is essential to first cleanse your body of the built up toxins, which are making you lethargic and distracted. Detox is a fundamental component in building a diet that allows you to regain energy and focus. A wholesome plan tailored individually for you, will give you the boost you need to experience success every day.

A healthy diet is the framework for a better life

A wholesome and nutritious diet not only improves both physical and mental health but also is one of the key ingredients in life. 

Terje Haakonsen
Snowboard Legend

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We want you to get the most out of your treatments, therefore we work with you to develop a program that fits both your needs and budget. Our flexible pricing schemes will be discussed with you during your first consultation.

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